Cube Solver

Are you stuck on your cube? If so, Cube Solver might be just what you need!

Cube Solver can give you step-by-step instructions on how to solve your cube, and figure out just how to tackle those tricky arrangements. There’s also a library of pretty patterns to explore, for those who need a cube to match their personality.

Privacy Policy

The Cube Solver app does not generate, collect, store or transmit any personal or analytic data. It doesn’t use your iPad’s Internet connection at all. It also does not use any third-party libraries or software components, and it does not interact with any peripherals or other iOS services. It continues to exist in a happy little bubble of its own while the rest of the world marches on.

Mathdoku Solver

Mathdoku (a.k.a KenKen) puzzles are closely related to Sudoku puzzles, but provide an extra layer of entertainment in the form of math ‘cages’.

The Mathdoku Solver app is intended to be used with puzzles you find anywhere - in newspapers, magazines, puzzle books, online, etc. It only takes a minute or two to transfer a 6x6 ‘paper’ puzzle onto the app’s grid, and from there you can use the app for ‘hints’ (by revealing individual squares of your choice) or as a step-by-step logical guide. Either way, it can help you figure out how to solve a puzzle without just giving you the answer. It is not designed for interactively ‘playing’ Mathdoku puzzles - there are plenty of other apps for that.

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Simple Speed Dial

Are you migrating from Opera to Chrome? Or maybe you just don’t like Chrome’s start screen? If so, Simple Speed Dial might be what you’re look for!

Simple Speed Dial is an easy-to-use start screen for Chrome, that will show you’re bookmarks bar in a more visual and accessible way. An imaging service generates a thumbnail of all your bookmarks, giving you a pretty and effective way to get to your favourite sites!


What does your name sound like as a melody? Discover your Nametone with this app, then set it as your ringtone or message alert!